As fix thermostat

Supposably, you was thermostat. Served it to you faithfully more months or even years. Here unexpectedly bam - and it fails. what to do? Exactly, about this problem I you tell in this article.
Mending thermostat - really complex employment. Many strongly wrong, underestimating difficulty this actions. But not should panic. Permit this problem help patience and Agility.
Likely my advice may seem unusual, but first sense set question: whether general fix thermostat? may profitable will buy new? I personally think, has meaning ask, how money is a new thermostat. it learn, possible just make desired inquiry yandex.
So, if you still decided own repair, then in the first instance there meaning grab information how repair thermostat. For this purpose has meaning use google, or view old binder magazines "Himself master", "Model Construction" and etc., or hang out on appropriate community.
I hope you do not vain spent efforts and this article could help you solve this question.